Able Eyes Accessibility Subscription

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What does it mean to become Able Eyes Accessible?

Able Eyes Accessible means you are joining a national movement to create more inclusive communities across the U.S. through the use of virtual tours. These tours allow customers an opportunity to virtually “walk through”, become comfortable, and potentially assess accessibility before physically visiting.

How do Virtual Tours help people with disabilities in the community?

Virtual Tours provide users the opportunity to explore a location while bringing public spaces to life on the screen, tablet, and social media.
This technology decreases anxiety by providing a predictable visual navigation of various community locations. 26% of the population now has a disability however, 80% of disabilities are INVISIBLE (and individuals are often uncomfortable disclosing this personal information). ADA assures that public locations are accessible for people with physical disabilities while Able Eyes has the ability to reach customers of all abilities.

How will Able Eyes help my business?

  • Able Eyes will add your existing tour to our website for users to explore and navigate
  • Able Eyes promotes your location on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and newsletter stating that you are Able Eyes Accessible.
  • Your Able Eyes decal proudly displays to your visitors that you are a committed Able Eyes Accessible location
  • Able Eyes will provide a personalized QR code to each location’s Virtual Tour. This is especially helpful when included in marketing materials.
  • Able Eyes will link directly to your business website along with a short business description (provided by the business)
  • More visitors of ALL abilities.

Helping Hand – Free
Includes: Virtual Tour added to Able Eyes database

Supporter – $99/year
Includes: Virtual Tour added to Able Eyes database, Able Eyes Accessible Badge for website showing your support, Social Media recognition.

Advocate – $199/year
Includes: Virtual Tour added to Able Eyes database, Able Eyes Accessible Badge for website showing your support, Social Media recognition, Able Eyes Accessible Decal showing your support to customers on-location, QR Code to virtual tour for print media, Social Media paid promotion targeting geographic location and demographic aligned with your customers.


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**New tours not provided by Able Eyes require an updated contract or Able Eyes provided tours do not require monthly subscription

***By completing this form, I give Able Eyes permission to do the following:

  • Add business virtual tour to
  • Use business logo to promote via social media and newsletter
  • Promote business and events via social media and newsletter
  • Use business tour for Able Eyes marketing and presentations