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Able Eyes uses a variety of techniques to capture real life experiences from several perspectives for the purpose of teaching, exploring, and reducing anxiety of the unknown.

  • Video Modeling (life skills, school skills, daily living skills, social skills, etc…)
  • Video Tours: exploring unknown and new environments virtually prior to visiting new locations to determine if the location meets individual accessibility needs. These locations will be “Able Eyes Accessible”
  • Video modeling share space for individuals, parents, and teachers to upload new video

Mission Statement

The mission of Able Eyes is to provide visual, state of the art experiences/teaching tools for individuals with disabilities. Able Eyes provides a user friendly platform to teach skills and explore environments from several different perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to increase the accessibility of businesses and public venues by offering visual tours, making them “Able Eyes Accessible.”


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Meegan Winters
has worked with individuals with special needs and Autism for nearly 20 years. 8 years spent with families as an in home consultant before pursuing a career as a teacher educating students with Autism. In addition, prior to Able Eyes, Meegan spent 3 years as an Assistant Principal in a center based special education school building.

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Evan Winters
is a local business owner with well established community relationships. His passion for this project is to be a part of a life changing tool/resource for individuals with anxiety and autism.

Brian Town:
Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative and a Certified Final Cut Pro Trainer. Brian started Michigan Creative in 2011 after a long career in education as a film and television production teacher. During his time as an educator Brian created a nationally recognized film and TV production program. He continues to be an educator, becoming a teacher each summer for the UA of plumbers, pipefitters, and welders, developing curriculum teaching them how to teach their apprentices.

Now Brian manages a staff of 12 and hundreds of clients from the Mid-Michigan area and surrounding states. Michigan Creative is a creative firm that provides web development, video, branding, and social media to help companies build their marketing machine.