Mission Statement

The mission of Able Eyes is to provide visual, state of the art experiences/teaching tools to children and adults with disabilities. Able Eyes provides a user friendly platform to teach skills, and explore environments from several different perspectives. Our ultimate goal is to make businesses and public venues more accessible for people of all abilities by offering visual tours, making them “Able Eyes Accessible.”

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360 Virtual Tours

Visual tours provide individuals of all abilities the opportunity to virtually walk through establishments prior to visiting. The goal of Able Eyes is to collaborate with businesses and establishments who share a common goal: ensuring that persons with disabilities and anxiety have equal access when working, visiting, or frequenting sites in their community. If you would like to view our video library, request a quote to become an “Able Eyes Accessible” location,or suggest a site that you would like to become “Able Eyes Accessible”.

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Video Modeling

Video modeling is a virtual teaching tool for individuals, caregivers, and educators to demonstrate skills for visual learners from several different perspectives. This is a free service and will be adding new videos as requests are received here.

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Video of the Month

Brad, 27 years old, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 4 1/2. He was non-verbal until 5. Born in California but now lives in Michigan. At a younger age, he was a runner and was in a self contained classroom. He graduated high school, and went on to graduate from the local college. His major was theater performance and backstage. He goes on auditions and even got a role in a play. He drives and loves to travel.

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